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Topics That are Timely Yet Timeless

Jake helps leaders connect with a wide set of subjects that are fresh and current while being grounded in the enduring truths of the human condition.

Brilliant Leadership

Have Greater Impact

  • Unleash People's Full Potential. Discover their hidden strengths and leadership blind spots through self-awareness exercises and personalized feedback.

  • Connect with Others on a Deeper Level. Build trust and rapport through authentic communication and empathy building.

  • Ignite Bold Thinking. Challenge assumptions, envision the future, and make data-driven decisions that propel your organization forward.

  • Cultivate Emotional Intelligence. Understand and manage their own emotions while effectively navigating the emotions of others to build stronger relationships.

Unlock individual potential, build trust, and empower teams. Drive organizational success that ripples outward to your organization, your communities and beyond.

Eagle Flying

Brilliant Influence

Engage Authentically and Inspire Action

  • Develop Your Point of View (POV): Learn from influential role models and craft a unique POV that aligns with your values and vision.

  • Communicate Effectively: Express your POV with clarity, passion, and purpose, captivating audiences and driving results.

  • Interactive Simulations: Strengthen your ability to handle complex conversations through realistic scenarios that build confidence and diplomacy.

  • Design a Practical Influence Plan: Equip leaders to create and implement effective influence plans, fostering trust and collaboration within the organization.

Build holistic, human connections. Become a leader who inspires action, ignites hearts and minds and leaves a lasting legacy.

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Brilliant Pivots

Turn Setbacks Into a Comeback

  • Reframe Challenges: Transform challenges into growth opportunities by adopting a pivot mindset without the negative baggage of associating work with failure.

  • Create a Pivot Culture: Foster experimentation and risk-taking by celebrating pivots, building psychological safety, and encouraging idea-sharing.

  • Tell Pivot Stories: Craft and leverage pivot stories to illustrate how you've adapted to industry shifts, turning setbacks into powerful learning tools.

  • Lead by Example: Model and reinforce pivot celebrations within your team to maintain momentum and morale during setbacks.

Create a positive future by creating a culture of continuous innovation.

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Brilliant Resilience

RISE to Healthy High Performance
  • Relate: Learn to build strong relationships by understanding individuals' unique contexts, challenges, and aspirations. Practice empathy to create a culture of trust and belonging.

  • Inspire: Discover how to connect individual tasks to a larger mission, giving work meaning and driving intrinsic motivation. Inspire your team with a shared vision and purpose.

  • Simplify: Uncover ways to remove mixed messages and conflicting priorities to reduce stress and enable peak performance. Strive for simplicity and transparency in your leadership.

  • Encourage: Support team members' growth by providing constructive feedback and celebrating successes. Reflect on how to reframe setbacks as pivots to be celebrated, fostering a growth mindset and resilience.

  • Lead with authenticity and vulnerability. Create psychological safety that empowers innovation, open communication, and sustainable success.

Achieve high performance without compromising well-being—resilient leaders can cultivate both thriving teams and healthy individuals.

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Brilliant Teaming

Be Better Together
  • Unleash the power of diversity. Leverage the unique perspectives and strengths of each team member to create a whole greater than its parts.

  • Foster effective communication. Establish clear roles and expectations, promote open communication, and actively listen to diverse viewpoints.

  • Create psychological safety. Create an environment where team members feel safe to share ideas, take risks, and learn from mistakes.

  • Combine empowerment with accountability. Align on clear expectations and roles, then get out of each other's way and let greatness emerge.

Seamlessly blend diverse perspectives, amplify individual strengths, and ignite collective motivation. Watch your teams consistently deliver results that exceed expectations.

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What clients say

Jake is a great facilitator, communicator and coach. He is creative in his approach to the classroom, maintaining a lively pace and an engaged audience. I found the use of his own experiences in relating theory to real-life business examples fascinating and memorable. Really enjoyable and highly recommended!

Mark Barry

Vice President of Sales & Managing Director


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