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Topics That are Timely Yet Timeless

Jake helps leaders connect with a wide set of subjects that are fresh and current while being grounded in the enduring truths of the human condition.

Brilliant Leadership

HavGreater Impact
  • Unleash people's full potential. Discover their hidden strengths and leadership blind spots through self-awareness exercises and personalized feedback.

  • Connect with others on a deeper level. Build trust and rapport through authentic communication and empathy building.

  • Ignite bold thinking. Challenge assumptions, envision the future, and make data-driven decisions that propel your organization forward.

  • Cultivate emotional intelligence. Understand and manage their own emotions while effectively navigating the emotions of others to build stronger relationships.

Unlock individual potential, build trust, and empower teams. Drive organizational success that ripples outward to your organization, your communities and beyond.

Brilliant Influence

Connect Meaningfully
  • Master the art of ethical persuasion. Leverage the psychology of human behavior to build trust, inspire action, and achieve buy-in without manipulation.

  • Craft laser-focused messages. Learn to communicate with clarity, passion, and purpose, captivating audiences and driving results.

  • Navigate complex conversations. Equip your leaders to handle difficult conversations with confidence, diplomacy, and a win-win mindset.

  • Become magnet for trust and collaboration. Build strong relationships, foster open communication, and create a culture of trust and psychological safety.

Don't just be seen and heard: build holistic, human connections. Become a leader who inspires action, ignites hearts and minds and leaves a lasting legacy.

Brilliant Innovation

Create A Brighter Future

  • Challenge the status quo. Ditch the "business as usual" mentality and foster a culture of experimentation and creative thinking.

  • Identify hidden opportunities. Practice frameworks and tools to uncover game-changing ideas that disrupt your industry and jump ahead of the curve.

  • Unlock disruptive thinking. Learn across disciplines and embrace the latest innovation methods to unlock your team's creative potential.

  • Build a culture of experimentation. Encourage calculated risks, celebrate failures as learning opportunities, and empower your team to bring their innovative ideas to life.

Embrace a transformative approach that leads to groundbreaking solutions and lasting impact. Don't just survive the future -- create it.

Brilliant Strategy

Outsmart to Outperform

  • Master the art of strategic thinking. Learn to analyze complex situations, identify key opportunities and challenges, and develop actionable plans for sustained success.

  • Bridge the gap between thinking and doing. Learn practical frameworks and tools to translate strategic insights into actionable steps.

  • Focus on execution excellence. Gain the skills and confidence to overcome implementation roadblocks and drive results efficiently.

  • Build a culture of ownership. Empower your team to champion the strategic plan, ensuring accountability and sustained progress.

Craft a strategy that propels you into action and empowers others to achieve lasting success, whether you're leading a company, a team or a project.

Brilliant Teaming

Be Better Together

  • Unleash the power of diversity. Leverage the unique perspectives and strengths of each team member to create a whole greater than its parts.

  • Foster effective communication. Establish clear roles and expectations, promote open communication, and actively listen to diverse viewpoints.

  • Create psychological safety. Create an environment where team members feel safe to share ideas, take risks, and learn from mistakes.

  • Combine empowerment with accountability. Align on clear expectations and roles, then get out of each other's way and let greatness emerge.

Seamlessly blend diverse perspectives, amplify individual strengths, and ignite collective motivation. Watch your teams consistently deliver results that exceed expectations.

Jake is an outstanding corporate trainer and delivered several courses to the participants in the IBM Marketing & Communications Leadership Development Program which I managed.  Jake is engaging and fun while keeping the course moving and delivering on the learning objectives. I highly recommend Jake as an executive trainer.

Suzanne DeWitt
Customer Education Leader

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